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If you’ve finally arrived at this page by having read the rest of the website, you already know what a great gift Borders & Bridges would make. It’s perfect for giving to friends who
have traveled
want to travel
think about traveling
might consider traveling more if only they could remember to get a passport
would rather sit by the fire and read about other people silly enough to get stuck in a foreign city without hotel reservations during a monsoon and then, after luck hands them the last room in town, under their bed they find a dead... well, you’ll have to read that for yourself.
You will have earned our undying gratitude in addition to getting a great book.

It's low-tech here, so I accept only checks and money orders. Enclose $14.00 per book, plus $2 per book for shipping and handling. I must also collect sales tax for Colorado. Colorado residents will need to add another $1.06 per book. All prices are US dollars. For quantity discounts (more than 5 books to individuals, or for any quantity to booksellers for resale), please contact me . Click here for printable order form.