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“This is a truly amazing journey, a veritable triumph of personal reflection. Dahlberg's childlike wonder and infectious preoccupation with the quirks and minutiae of locale and genre draw us into our own encounter with history. He writes in a deceptively casual 'I-was-there' fashion which throws us back on all the resources of incredulity at the allusion. Yet this is also real life — warts and all: the driver and the driven, meeting head-on in bird-filled kitchens and dark, windswept headlands, brooding over the deafening silence of oceans and mountains or nodding self-consciously to the music of rebellion and the soft mutterings of resignation. It is a world you will want to hold onto. Soon, it is you who is wrestling with the finite nature of the frail landscapes, the transience of relationships, the indecision and explosion of each tangential second. Over these miles, nothing is ever quite what it seems. This is Dahlberg at his most intimate, his most expressive yet. Make his journey your own.”                              

— Phil Thomson, Scotland
                                 Poet, literary critic and fellow traveler